This weeks challenge is to toss out your Canola Oil (or vegetable oil) and replace it with heart healthy Coconut or Avocado oil! 

Canola Oil does not belong in a healthy diet and I explain it all here in my quick video. 

You never have to follow recipes too closely, feel free to always sub oils when they name a specific oil. For example when it calls for canola oil simply swap it out for Coconut or Avocado Oil, depending on the recipe you are making! Both are pretty versatile oils which is why I recommend them the most and can be used in almost anything but here is a little help when deciding between oils:



Coconut Oil or Avocado Oil


Olive Oil

For those who do not like the strong flavor of coconut oil I highly recommend the Refined Coconut Oil from Nutiva. It can be found here. I wouldn't recommend refined coconut oil from any other brand because most use chemicals in the refining process, but Nutiva does not. 

Here's an easy cheat sheet to help you!

Also! If you are interested in these cooking oil sprays or avocado oil from Chosen Foods, you will receive a discount on their site by using the code REALFOODOLOGY. I am obsessed with these sprays, because the ingredients are just simply oil. There are no propellants or preservatives added, just simply oil.



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