It is no surprise we are in a major health crisis in this country right now. A major part of the problem is our industrialized food system- we aren't eating real food anymore.

This is the issue with farmed salmon. They are not living in conditions conducive to their life in the wild and as a result, these industrialized salmon farms are not producing healthy fish for our consumption.

This weeks Real Food Challenge is to ditch the farmed salmon for fresh, wild-caught salmon (or any fish for that matter, as long as it is wild caught).

There are 4 major reasons you wan't to be avoiding farmed salmon:

1. Antibiotics (and hormones)

2. GMO's (meaning pesticide and herbicide exposure)

3. PCB's (watch the video below to learn about these cancer causing agents)

4. PINK DYE- watch the video below to learn more about this. 

Please take the time to watch this video I made just for you. I talk about why you want to avoid farmed salmon and give you the best alternatives and how to find them!

Don't forget to post about your participation in the Real Food Challenge with the hashtag #RealFoodC and Tag me @Realfoodology in it!