This week's Real Food Challenge is very important to me. Not only is it for the health of it (wink), but it involves the lives of animals too.

This weeks challenge is to switch from conventional, factory farmed eggs to Pasture-raised, organic eggs.


Factory farmed eggs come from hens who are stacked on top of each other, living in their own filth, with little to sometimes no access to the outdoors. It is basically slavery for these poor animals. And yes this goes for your "Cage Free" and "Free Range" eggs too. 

I talk all about this in my 3 series blog posts about eggs here and I also have a quick video down below that I made just for you!

I hope you will watch and join me on this weeks challenge! Please don't forget to post your pasture-raised eggs on social media with the hashtag #RealFoodC and Tag me in it so I can see (@Realfoodology)