Eating Healthy: The Basics

I know that trying to eat healthy can be a bit overwhelming because there is so much information out there about what to eat! I am going to make this as simple as possible.
The less ingredients, the better.
If the ingredients list is longer than about 4-5 ingredients, toss it. Be smart and think about the food you are buying and what you would expect the ingredients to look like. For example, corn tortilla chips shouldn’t have more than 3-4 things. Corn, oil, salt and maybe lime. That’s it.
Don’t eat ingredients you can’t pronounce.
These are chemical food additives made in a lab that are put in our food to make it last longer or to make you want to eat more of it. (the more you eat the more money big food companies make!) Think about what those chemicals are doing to your body! If you have had that bag of chips in your pantry for longer than about 2 weeks do you really want to eat them anyway?
If you can’t make a variation of this food at home, don’t buy it.
Corn chips made of corn, oil & salt you could very easily make at home. Cheeseburger Doritos that are made with god knows what, you probably could not make at home.
Eat organic whenever possible.
It is becoming increasingly important to eat organic because of the prevalence of GMOs being snuck into our food. (read more about them here) The most important foods to eat organic are meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, corn and soy. The non-organic versions of these foods are full of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and GMOs. Also, the risk for food borne illness is very much lower because the extent at which organic foods are regulated.
Avoid Hydrogenated Oils & any form of Corn Syrup.

Hydrogenated oils, or trans fat, raises your cholesterol, putting you at high risk for a heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Corn syrup is a toxic GMO sweetener that your body does not even know what to do with. Not to mention both are linked to obesity.

Eat as your Grandmother did
Eat simple, real, clean food. Your grandmother didn’t grow up eating pizza rolls and drinking soda by the gallon. Neither should you!
Eat the rainbow
I’m not talking about skittles here! Fill your plate with a rainbow of fruits and veggies. The more color on your plate, the better. Avoid white foods such as white bread, white rice, white sugar, and white potatoes.