Weekly Link Love

Phew it's been a few weeks since I have done one of these! Weddings and life got in the way, but I am back and ready to spread the healthier word more than ever!

8 Reasons You Want This Law to Pass (regarding labeling GMOs)- Organic Consumers 2 minute video on Monsanto (company that makes GMOs)- YouTube GMO Farmer from 'Food Inc' supports food labeling law- Take Part Less is More: Short Metabolic Blasts for Fat Loss and Conditioning- Sun Warrior  Confessions of a processed food marketer: Taking out the good stuff- The Wholesome Hedonist Update on Organics study: truth or flawed? -Kimberly Snyder Why My Kids Don't Take Vitamins- 100 days of real food

My favorite real food advocate Dr Joel Fuhrman on Dr Oz, talking about how he treats patients with food instead of drugs: Dr Joel Fuhrman Dr Oz Pt 1 Dr Joel Fuhrman Dr Oz Pt 2

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