Flying Over the Holidays? Bring Your Meals With You!

I flew out to Telluride, CO last Saturday. My family has a home out there and we always spend Christmas up here. I left my house at 6am and wasn't getting in Telluride until almost 1pm and I knew I wouldn't find anything healthy in the airport so I packed breakfast, lunch and a snack to tide me over until I got there.

I always fly with my meals. You can even pack a cooler with ice packs if you so desire but I generally pack too much other stuff so I just throw my food in my purse.
I chugged an organic veggie juice I had picked up the night before on my way to the airport. (it was 6am- I forgot to take a pic, sorry!) I got one of my favorites from Juiceland- The Fountain (carrot, ginger, beet, kale, spinach, parsley, celery, added cucumber & turmeric) I also had a tall soy cappuccino from Starbucks. I generally avoid soy but this was a very special occasion!

I finally had my breakfast around 8:30 after I boarded my plane. The veggie juice and coffee kept me good until then. I had half of this Vigilant Eats Superfood cereal (it's the best oatmeal I've ever had! Gluten free, low in sugar-uses coconut sugar- and it works with cold water so no need to find hot water!) I also had a container of cut up grapefruit from Whole Foods.

I brought a packet of raw almond butter which I used half in my oatmeal and then I saved the other half of the packet to eat later with an organic apple I brought. 
For lunch I had my favorite quinoa ever from Juiceland- Quinoa Ranchero (sorry about the horrible pic. I was so hungry when I ate this that I could hardly wait to take a pic! oops)

Along with this kale-avocado salad from Whole Foods. I had some shredded carrots & broccoli in my fridge that I added to the top of it as well. :)

Having my meals and snacks with me kept me from eating really expensive unhealthy food at the airport. I felt great getting into Telluride! (even though we got in way later than expected- but thats a story for another day) 

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