What the Fork: Conventional Milk

It's not even Friday but I'm so heated about this cause it's utterly (get it?) insane so I'm posting a what the fork today. 

A friend reached out to me this morning because she has been drinking some conventional milk for the last week that she bought at a gas station. She got so sick from it (she has a lot of allergies, one of them being corn, another is gluten) that she reached out to Prairie Farms to see what additives they might put in their milk that aren't listed- this is going to shock you cause it even shocked me.

They emailed her back a screenshot of the ingredients in the milk. That aren't on the back of the ingredient label I might add!!! Ingredients: water, polysorbate 80, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, vitamin D3. Yep you read that right, propylene glycol- the same ingredient found in anti freeze and plane de-icers.

Polysorbate 80 is a surfactant and emulsifier used in foods as well as COSMETICS!

This milk is also not organic which means it came from sick cows being fed antibiotics & GMO (herbicide & pesticide sprayed) corn, instead of what it's stomach is meant to digest- grass. •
I am so angered by this. Not only are companies putting junk in our "food" but they're hiding it from us too. The only solution I can say, once again, is to buy organic.

Another interesting thing to note is that we as humans do not actually require milk. The calcium in milk is barely bioavailable for our bodies, meaning our bodies cannot absorb the calcium so it gets flushed out. The best source of calcium comes from leafy greens. 

Interested in hearing more? A dr on the film Cowspiracy (find it on Netflix) talks about how we shouldn't even be consuming milk. Milk is "baby cow growth fluid". No wonder we are having so many hormone and obesity issues. We are drinking baby cow growth fluid. It was made for baby cows, not humans.