Hormone Free Birth Control

GIRLS! I am over the moon excited to show you this new thing that showed up on my doorstep today. HORMONE FREE BIRTH CONTROL!

If you have followed me for a while you probably know I am very vocal about my feelings over synthetic hormone birth control. These synthetic hormones are not the same as our biologically made hormones and they disrupt not only our natural cycle but the side effects are absolutely devastating to our bodies & our endocrine systems. The pill does not balance your hormones, it completely shuts them off. And instead replaces them with "pseudo- hormone like drugs" that are only vaguely like hormones but do not have the same molecular structure or side effects as human hormones. Can you imagine if guys were forced to take a pill shutting off their testosterone? Yeah they wouldn't be cool with it, so why are we?

This is a natural way of birth-controlling that is super easy and drug free! You simply take your temp every morning when you wake up and it either gives you the green light (safe to get your thing on) or the red light and it all syncs up with an app on your phone

I can't urge you enough to look into alternatives to hormonal BC. If you want more info I highly recommend you check out "Lara Briden's Healthy Hormone Blog" (google it) she's a hormone Dr with almost 20 years women's health experience. And has tons of helpful resources!

I have teamed up with @naturalcyclesnc to offer you a discount on the 1-year subscription that also includes the basal thermometer. Just use the code COURTNEY2NC upon checkout on naturalcycles.com