This is not a normal food post but it was laying on my heart to say this.

One of the ways I am able to continue this blog and put out more content for all of you is by working with brands. I am so grateful that there are brands out there who believe in my work because without them I would not be able to do what I do. This work is so fulfilling for me, it's what gets me out of bed in the morning. I am consistently so excited to share with you new information surrounding the food industry and recipes as they come out of my brain and onto a plate. It is truly my life’s work. My passion. But I have to make a living too, I have bills to pay, food to eat (ALL the food) and a life to live. 

I have been approached by many brands who do not align with my message and my nutritional beliefs so I have had to turn many of them down. Some are paid too and it’s hard to turn them down (because bills) but if it is not something I believe is healthy and something I personally would consume or put on my body, then I certainly don’t want to lie to you and pretend it is something that I back.

If I have learned anything, your word and gaining peoples trust is more important than any monetary value in the world. Your trust in me is more important than any amount of money that someone could pay me. I want to share with you the healthiest foods for you and your family and the best non-toxic beauty products because I care about you and your families well being. I want everyone to be able to live out healthy & happy lives, while feeling great and full of energy! Not tired and sluggish, as a result of the American SAD diet. (Standard American Diet) 

I want you to know that your trust means everything to me and I will constantly strive to maintain that trust.