If you eat yogurt, these 3 things are incredibly important.

Only consume yogurt from organic, grass fed, pasture raised cows. Otherwise you're consuming yogurt from a sick animal & that yogurt comes with a side of antibiotics, growth hormones (hello weight gain & endocrine disruption), & pesticides.

The more fat the better. Low fat is OUT! Fat keeps you full and satiated. Fat keeps you thin. Did I just say fat doesn't make you fat? YUP, sure did.

Keep the sugar Low! So many yogurts are loaded with sugar. Find the lowest amount you can & go with that. You don't want your yogurt to have more than 11g & I'd even argue that's a little high. The lower the sugar the better. This one I used in my parfait up above only has 8g and 3 of those are from lactose so it only has 5g of added sugar.