Can I be honest with you? Of course I can, I always am. When I first started to hear about Bulletproof I brushed it off as another fad diet and couldn’t understand the hype around the coffee drink that initially put them on the map.


It wasn’t until I discovered the man behind the brand, Dave Asprey, and his podcast that I truly understood just how amazing this brand and all the products they offer is. As I started to listen to his podcast, I immediately became enthralled by him and everything I was learning from him! Dave really does his research and knows his stuff, I quickly learned to trust him and began to follow a lot of the protocol that he recommends.

I don’t follow the Bulletproof diet 100% nor do I religiously do the coffee every morning, but I am on a vitamin regimen of mostly Bulletproof vitamins and it has changed my life! I wanted to break down all my favorite products of theirs that I love and use daily.



Iodine: I take this for my thyroid and I noticed a huge difference in my anxiety, fatigue and stress when I started taking it. This is the only supplement I will recommend that you wait to start until you get lab results. You don’t want to mess with your iodine levels without first knowing where yours are, so please talk to your dr if you suspect your thyroid needs some extra help and get your iodine tested first before starting this.

Methyl B12: These little tablets melt right under your tongue which is the best way to get B12, because it is often malabsorbed in the intestines so sublingual b12 is most bioavailable. Most people are deficient in b12, especially if you follow a plant based or vegan diet so b12 is a great supplement for everyone to take. It helps your body produce ATP (energy) from your food. 

Unfair Advantage: I take one of these ampules every single morning for brain energy, clarity and focus and to “feed” my mitochondria. Your mitochondria are power houses and what help power your body (they produce ATP). The COQ10 in this supplement helps improve cognitive (brain) function so you can perform your best!

Glutathione Force: Glutathione is produced by the body and considered the master antioxidant. It is a powerful detoxifier and also provides immune support. I initially started taking it because it helps flush out excess estrogen and I have kept it in my regimen because it helps protect against free radicals, environmental toxins and stress.

Calcium D Glucarate: CDG supports your already hard working liver and gives it an extra hand in filtering out toxins we are inadvertently exposed to, as well as supporting the detoxification pathways of the liver to help filter out alcohol, and everything else your body sends to the liver to be filtered out. It also helps to decrease LDL cholesterol, assists in protein digestion and it helps removed excess estrogens. (great for women coming off of birth control)

Zen Mode: This is the best supplement I have found for helping with anxiety and stress. I suffer from what can sometimes be pretty crippling anxiety and I have found this supplement really works well for me on those tough days. It’s a combination of some of my favorite anxiety and stress supporting herbs that are proven to work: B6, magnesium, L-Theanine, GABA, holy basil leaf and Ashwagandha.

Sleep Mode: I take this almost every night before bed, it not only helps me to fall asleep but it helps support REM sleep. REM sleep is the deep sleep you want to aim to get around 6-7 hours of this, but most only get around 3-4 hours of REM sleep.

5htp: I don’t take this one every day. I only take it on days I feel like I need it. 5HTP is the precursor for serotonin and gives your body that extra push to produce more of the happy hormone. 5HTP supports positive feelings and helps with mood balance

Brain Octane: this is Bulletproof’s MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride) ,which is the good healthy fats found in coconut oil. I like bulletproofs because it is 100% coconut (some brands are made from other sources).  MCT oil provides a quick source of energy for the body from fat instead of sugar, helps your body burn off fat stores and helps boost your brain power.


Bulletproof bars: These are hands down the best food bars I have ever tasted and they only have 2g of sugar in the whole thing!! They are incredibly filling so they make for a great afternoon snack (or on the go breakfast) and literally taste like cookies. My favorite flavors are: lemon, vanilla shortbread, mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough.


Bulletproof Coffee (to go!): I find these in the cold cases at whole foods and my local natural food store. I love having a few on hand in my fridge cause they’re great for when you’re running out the door to a workout or meeting. My favorite flavor is the mocha!

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