Read ingredient labels every time you buy!

I hope by now that most of you know how important it is to be reading the ingredient list for every single packaged food that you buy.  What a food claims on the front is not always 100% truthful. For example, a product may claim "0 trans fat" then you turn it over and find hydrogenated oils (aka trans fat) in the ingredients list! Always always always read ingredient lists.

You really should be checking the ingredients every time you buy now as well! I know I sure will be. Even products you have previously bought and diligently read the ingredients of. I have had two companies throughly disappoint me as of recently regarding their ingredients.
Udi's changed their ingredients without me even noticing. I would have never known unless a friend pointed it out (corn syrup solids in Udi's bread *gasp* --thanks Mindy!) and my favorite "go to Chocolate", Endangered Species, uses a GMO sweetener (beet sugar) in their "all natural" bars. I just so happened to read the ingredients of my dark chocolate last week as I was noshing down on some. Why should we be so concerned with GMOs? I wrote about them here.

I was so upset about the Endangered Species chocolate that I took the time to write them an email and this was their response:

They openly admitted to me that they use GMO sweetener in their "all natural" bars. There is nothing natural about GMOs! I am so sick of that label. Side note: I swear their "all natural" chocolate used to be sweetened with cane sugar and I also find it odd that I never even saw their Organic bars in Whole Foods until just last week....
But regardless, I was very bummed to learn about both of these products because I loved them but will no longer be buying them. For now I will be eating Whole Foods Organic Dark Chocolate until further notice (or until they too change the ingredients on me!)

Until next time,