Natural Beauty Products I Use and Love!

Some of you may remember my post a while back about toxins in our everyday life and how to avoid them. You can read here why I only use natural, non-toxic beauty products and cleaning products. Here is another great article on why you probably want to use natural personal care products and makeup!

I get asked a lot what sort of beauty products I use so I decided to devote a post to it! (These are all products I use. No person or company asked me to post about any of these products) Unless otherwise stated, I find all of these products at Whole Foods.
Juice Beauty Simply Flawless Pressed Powder (I find all of my Juice Beauty products at Ulta)
This powder is great if you are looking more to even out skin tone. I have never been a fan of foundation myself, but if you are looking for more coverage they make a great foundation too. 
Great for covering up dark under eyes and blemishes!
I love the color of this highlighter. It gives you such a pretty, natural glow.
This lipstick is so soft! and the color is perfect light pink.
I was shocked when I found this mascara and it worked. I've never had bigger lashes!
The end result: Me and my non-toxic painted face. (and my pup Bellatrix!)
Makeup Remover: Almond oil or Apricot Oil 
I love using this to take my mascara off because its just pure oil. No nasty additives and chemicals to get into your eyes. and it leaves the skin around your eyes hydrated and smooth!
I love this Body wash! Especially in Lavender. It's very moisturizing and has minimal ingredients.
This is by far the best natural line of shampoo and conditioners I have found, I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner. The ingredients are outstanding and they really work!! They leave my hair so shiny and soft. I personally use the moisture repairing line.
Deodorant: I know the thought of natural deodorant scares a lot of people off but this is one of the most important products you use that should be organic and natural. Your armpits absorb all those chemicals, including aluminum, in regular deodorant which have been linked to all sorts of cancers including breast cancer. Not to mention you have vital lymph nodes in your armpits and your heart isn't too far away either! Here is a great article on why you should be using a natural deodorant.
Aubrey Organics E Plus High C  I have used this deodorant for about 7 years now, it works great!!
Crystal Deodorant This one is more of a recent discovery of mine and its great if you like your deodorant unscented. This one suprisingly works really well!! I switch back and forth between this and the one above.
Toothpaste: Always get fluoride free. I am loving this Nature's Gate toothpaste at the moment. Tom's also makes a good fluoride free toothpaste. 
I hope this helps some of you out!