You Asked, I Answer

Someone emailed me a bunch of questions and I thought they were great so I decided to post them for all of you to read!

1. Where do you get your stainless steel lunch boxes? 
2. What's your thoughts on microwaves/do you use them?
I never use them. In fact I don't even have one. They change the chemical makeup of food. Here is a good article and part of what convinced me to stop using mine
3. What sweetener do you use? I use Truvia but want to switch since I saw the blog post you retweeted. I use Raw Organic Honey, pure Maple Syrup, Coconut Sugar or NuNaturals Stevia (its real, non-bitter stevia). I also love this Sweetleaf stevia in my coffee (the vanilla flavor is good too)
4. Any recommendations on a clean, organic water bottle?
I love Klean Kanteen. I use my 40oz one everyday.
5. Do you eat yogurt and if yes, what kind?
I raaaarely do. But when I do I always eat organic and I get either Stonyfield organic greek yogurt in plain or vanilla (lowest amt of sugar) or So Delicious makes a really yummy coconut milk greek yogurt that I like in the plain flavor.
6. What is your favorite juice recipe? 
cucumber, celery, kale, parsley, cilantro, pineapple
7. Could you maybe explain an "average" day of eating?
I am starting to do a What I ate Wednesday post every Wed so stay tuned for that :)
8. Do you use organic body products?
I have a whole post on this here.
9. Do you eat meat or are you more plant based? 
I eat meat on occasion but when I do it is ALWAYS organic. I don't eat red meat though and I try my best to eat a plant-based diet. I eat A LOT of veggies!
10. What medicine do you take when you are sick?
Depends on what I am sick with but honestly I haven't been sick in years. (ever since I started eating healthy!!)  If I ever am though I always buy natural medicine at whole foods. Kick Ass Immune is always my first go-to when I'm sick. It works wonders! (I find it at Whole Foods)

11. Usual Starbucks order?
2 shots of espresso either on ice or hot then I add in my own unsweetened vanilla almond milk. As a treat sometimes I will do a double tall soy cappuccino. But this is very rare because I don't like the added sugar from the soy milk and I like to keep soy out of my diet as much as possible.
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