I'm Back! & With An Exciting Announcement!

I just spent the last 2 months out on the Vans Warped Tour working for Keep A Breast, hence my absence on here, which I apologize for. I thought I could keep this blog up while out on the road but my long hours and lack of sleep proved to be too tough to take on much more than the daily tasks asked of me by my job. I worked in a tent for Keep A Breast with 3 others and we were out in our tent from basically 8:30am until almost 7pm every night. It was a blast but certainly was exhausting!

Me, Brittany, Sarina and Kyle aka the Warped Tour Keep A Breast crew!
I have to admit before going out I was a bit concerned about how I would stay on my healthy track however it proved to not be as hard as I anticipated! With the help of healthy options at catering and a few friends I made on the tour who shared my passion for working out and staying healthy it ended up being fairly easy.
(from one of my favorite runs with Brittany in Seattle)
This is where my exciting announcement comes in! I was recently asked to blog for Buzznet as one of their Buzzmakers
I am beyond ecstatic about it and will be doing a lot of my blogging over there now. That being said, I will still be blogging over here too, but I think a lot of what I will be doing is mirroring my blog posts from there to over here as well. 
My most recent post on Buzznet is a re-cap of my summer on Warped Tour and how I managed to stay healthy with a ton of pictures! You can check it out here. 
 I managed to work out almost every single day thanks to my friends Jeff (personal trainer #1), Josh (personal trainer #2) and Brittany (one of the girls I worked with)
Me and Jeff and one of the workouts we did one day
and here's me and Josh and one of the workouts we did
(that's Monster "tour water" a Warped Tour staple and marketing speaking absolutely genius)
My favorite meals of the summer. From catering and otherwise (otherwise generally meaning whenever I could get to Whole Foods):
Someone brought us these treats from a local place in OH called Plant Kingdom and it was certainly the highlight of my day! They were all gluten free, vegan and full of omega rich hemp seeds and delicious stuff like peanut butter and chocolate! Yum!
I was also really blessed to receive more green juices from you all than I could ever repay. I was overwhelmed by the generosity that so many of you showed me this summer. Thanks to you I was able to stay healthy with vitamin rich green juices! I can't ever thank you enough.
Don't forget to check out the rest of my pics over here at Buzznet!
Love always,
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