Do You Suffer From Chronic Disease? You Can Change That

You certainly aren't alone. More people die from chronic dieases than all other causes put together. More than 59% of the population suffers from chronic disease. And here's the's PREVENTABLE. The problem is that as a society we have stopped eating real food. Everything is processed. Instead of eating an apple we eat applesauce that's loaded with sugar and chemical preservatives and pizza and french fries are both individually considered as a vegetable for our children in the school system....WHAT?

According to Jason Vale (The Juice Master) "Remove the toxcities and replenish the defficiencies and the body just heals itself" It’s extraordinary what the body can do if we only give it the right nutrients and allow it to heal itself. We really don’t give our bodies enough credit. They are incredible.

Now let me get to what inspired me to write this post. Jason Vale came out with a new documentary called Super Juice Me and it is free online until tomorrow morning (Monday May 5) so get over there and watch it to see how you can change your health and your life! SUPERJUICEME.COM