I will be resuming My Grocery Haul Blogs!


I started doing these weekly grocery haul blogs to help my friends and followers out and am so happy with the response I have already gotten in such a short time! However, I started them at a bit of a crazy time for me, right as I was starting school and in the process of moving. It's all been too much to take on at once. That being said, once I get settled into my new place and back in my routine I will start up my weekly grocery hauls again! I appreciate you being patient with me. I have a lot of exciting stuff regarding my blog coming up and cannot wait to share it all with you. For the time being, to tide you over here is what I made for dinner last night: 

Mixed green salad with cucumber, grape tomatoes, cilantro, feta, smashed avocado, lemon juice and himalayan pink salt.

Salmon with olives, artichoke, feta and a little olive oil on top


Oven roasted asparagus & broccolini with garlic & herb seasoning, olive oil, himalayan pink salt and pepper