Let's Talk: Pesticides

On average an American person has about 29 different pesticides in their body and children are being born with a shocking number of harmful chemicals in their bodies. A recent study published in the Environmental Health Perspectives peer reviewed journal (you can read the study yourself from the link in my profile) found that an organic diet dramatically decreased certain pesticides in children's bodies.

Why should we be concerned? One of the most used herbicides, glyphosate or better known as RoundUp, was declared to be a probable carcinogen (causes cancer) by the World Health Organization & the state of CA plans to label glyphosate as a carcinogen. Many studies are coming out linking our pesticide exposure to cancer. Go back a few posts on my Instagram and you can see what the NY Times just recently posted. 

You can check out Living Maxwell's recent post about this on his blog, here!

We need to stop this NOW! How do we stop it? Vote with your money, buy organic! The more we demand organic food that's not sprayed with deadly pesticides and herbicides the more of it we will receive.

Courtney SwanComment