Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands

When I first started this blog it was solely based on healthy & delicious food. 
But as I have grown as a person and as my account has grown my focus has shifted a bit. I still obviously post a lot about food, but I also want to inform you and encourage you to seek out information for yourself. 
My goal is to empower you to take your health into your own hands. Our country is in a massive health crisis and Drs seemingly can't keep up with all the diseases & issues we are suffering from. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard from friends or read online about how they've gone years suffering various ailments, gone from specialist to specialist & they still can't find a solution. Generally our mainstream medicine solution is just more drugs to mask the issue. But this doesn't solve the underlying problem.

I've been talking a lot about women's health recently because obviously I think it's an important subject. More and more Women are put on birth control everyday to try and control the slew of health issues that have started affecting millions of women across this country: PCOS, endometriosis, cysts, the list could go on. There are more studies than ever that link these issues back to our diets, there's a large connection with PCOS to insulin and insulin resistance - which happens with too much sugar in the diet. 
If you suffer from any of the issues above, such as PCOS, etc or if you are trying to avoid or get off birth control I highly recommend you read this book. Basically if you are a woman I highly recommend this book.

I am by NO means discrediting Drs or Gynecologists. They are wonderful! All I am saying is that sometimes you need to put in the extra work & research and bring it into your Dr. Fun fact: this book has a pull out guide that you bring with you to your Dr to help them (& you) get to a diagnosis/solution.