What the Fork: "Natural" isn't so natural

It's what the fork Friday! For those of you that are new, every Friday I call out something that seems healthy but is actually not! 

I'm calling out the term 'natural' this week because it does not mean a thing, its nothing more than a marketing gimmick. There is no regulation on the term so companies can label basically anything they want natural. And they take advantage of this! because they know that people are looking for more natural, real food these days. Tag a friend that could use this information. 
This is why you can't trust just the 'natural' label on food.

This means that your "natural" meat was most likely fed pesticide sprayed GMO corn & soy, antibiotics & other meds and given growth hormones.
Those snacks labeled natural can be made of GMOs and other not so natural ingredients.

The best way to know if what you're eating is actually natural, as in the actual definition of it- something found in nature- is to buy organic food. This certifies that there is no genetically modified ingredients, no pesticides, no antibiotics and no growth hormones. 
The FDA is currently scrambling to define the term and is seeking public opinion over it. Through Feb. 10, the FDA is accepting comments from the public and the food industry on whether it’s appropriate to define what natural means for many items and how it should be defined. If you feel so inclined, head over to their website and tell them what you think!