I hate diets


Justins dark chocolate peanut butter cup C for Courtney. My name if you didn't know it! But the picture is really just here to get your attention. 


I hate diets. I get so sad when I see friends or people online complaining about how they feel fat, or sick & say they'll "start their diet tomorrow". Do any of you find yourself saying that often?

I hate it. It perpetuates a dieting cycle of restricting during the week then binging your face off over the weekend. Only to go back on highly restrictive "diets" on Monday. Dieters buy products like Special K, Healthy Choice & Lean Cuisine, thinking it will help them lose weight. These are junky, processed foods the diet industry has tricked you into thinking are healthy. All they do is leave you hungrier & not satisfied at all.

I want you to know that you don't have to do this. The trick is to stop dieting, allow yourself treats & eat real food. Then you never have to worry about restrictive diets!

I eat a few pieces of dark chocolate or a few cookies or @Justins PB cup EVERY single day. (& recently I've even lost a few pounds!) Notice how I say OR. I don't eat them all in the same day, but when I satisfy a craving I don't find myself wanting to binge on it. I also make sure the ingredients are real. I eat cookies made of real ingredients. Not special K cookies that have been formulated by food scientists to be a certain calorie & fat content.

I also eat nourishing, filling, meals of real food- not microwavable diet lunches & packaged special K chips for a snack.

I'm not telling you this to brag or to be mean or even to single anyone out. I just want you to know there's another way!

Start simple by finding easy recipes online & make your meals at home. They don't have to be anything crazy! Something as simple as tuna salad on real, organic bread. The less ingredients, the better & always make sure the ingredients are ones you recognize - like you could go home & make this with stuff from your kitchen if you wanted to.

My Guidelines for a filling meal:

➕Pile of Veggies

➕Good Fat (olive/coconut oil, nut butter, avo)

➕Protein (fish, org chicken, bison, tempeh, beans)

➕Grains (if you eat them) (Quinoa, oats, brown rice)

Combo of fiber, good fat & protein will leave you full & satisfied ❤️