Rescue Remedy for Anxiety

Anxiety is something I have dealt with most of my adult life. It’s not fun and you never know when it’s going to affect you. I had a really hard time in college with it, so my mom sent some Bach Rescue Remedy because it had helped her and it helped me so much I have been using it ever since.


The spray is my-go to and favorite because I can keep it in my purse and use it whenever stress arises and it helps to calm me down.


I also recently discovered the Rescue Sleep Gummies and as someone who struggles with sleep, I am a huge fan of these because they help me to shut down my mind so I can relax and actually get some sleep. They’re way less expensive than a prescription, actually work and can be easily found at your local whole foods or natural foods store. I am a huge fan of Rescue Remedy and the other Rescue products and wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t personally use it.